US air pollution control sales to grow

This is the latest forecast in Air Pollution Management published by the McIlvaine Company.  

McIlvaine adds that the power industry will be the leading purchaser. However, revenues in 2017 will only be half the peak achieved in 2005. The low cost of natural gas will boost revenues for gas turbine air pollution control as well as sales in the chemical industry where the lower feedstock costs are spurring capital investment.

Sales for industrial boiler applications will peak in 2016 when the impact of the air toxic regulations is highest. The waste-to-energy market will not achieve its potential as the US still considers landfill as preferable. This is in contrast to the rest of the world where it is difficult to permit a landfill but not difficult to permit a waste-to-energy plant.

Table 1: Air pollution control revenues (US$ million)
Industry 2017
Total  8,975
Asphalt  92
Bioclean 156
Cement 6
Chemical 317
Commercial 574
Electronics 148
Food 72
Gas Turbines  204
Incinerators 148
Industrial Boilers 61
Metals 356
Mining 71
Other Industries 891
Pharmaceutical  42
Power 4,229
Pulp & Paper 129
Refining 85
Residential 783
Steel 148
Stone 90
Surface Coating 108
Waste Incinerators 45
Wastewater 220