Triumph for water industry innovators

Water technology start-up Metal Membranes has developed a method of producing ceramic membranes using plasma-arc technology to oxidise wafer-thin sheets of aluminium oxide or titanium. Applications include use as a heating element in E-cigarettes, as a filter to concentrate bacteria in sensors and for water filtration.

Wafilin System is developing a system involving reverse osmosis membranes to concentrate milk at farm production sites. The concept involves integrating the concentration system with milking robots, which allows for continual use of the membrane system throughout the day saving cooling energy and transportation costs.

And Arcadis unveiled a technology that can help prevent saline intrusion into freshwater aquifers, addressing a major potential global market.

Three concepts from the Netherlands have claimed the top awards in 
the WaterCampus Business Challenge 2015.

Run by the Wetsus centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, competition entrants are tasked with developing a business plan or idea, starting a new business venture, developing a commercialisation plan or expanding their knowledge about water technology commercialisation.

During the week, participants have access to organisations and business experts in the fields of water technology, business development, sustainability and strategic planning.