Toray enhances RO technology

The new Toray TLF-400DG RO membrane.
The new Toray TLF-400DG RO membrane.

Japanese manufacturer of fibres, textiles and performance chemicals, Toray, has launched its new low-fouling reverse osmosis membrane, the TLF-400DG.

The membrane was launched in April and showcased at the recent Singapore International Water Week (SIWW). It features low fouling characteristics at low operating pressure to deal with a range of foulants.

The company says that the TLF-400DG has 30% higher permeability compared with current models and has higher resistance to membrane fouling, which reduces the need for frequent cleaning and extends membrane life. Its durability against cleaning chemicals prevents damage during membrane cleaning, and the lower feed pressure also reduces power consumption.

Toray says that, through its R&D activities at production facilities in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and the US, it has established core technologies to control the attachment of various foulants contained in water onto the membrane, while maintaining high levels of rejection and permeability.

The company's mission is to turn wastewater into a viable resource and it believes that its newly-introduced TLF Series can contribute to contamination problems which have resulted from rapid industrial growth. The TLF Series membrane can also be used in other industrial applications such as ultrapure water or boiler feed water treatment.