Thermo Fisher Scientific launches 0.1 micron filter with new unit

The new Thermo Fisher unit incorporates a large 90 mm diameter membrane and a proprietary Rapid-Flow membrane support plate to improve filtration rates. The Nalgene PES 0.1 micron filter unit is suitable for use in academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology cell culture laboratories.

Along with the new 1 litre unit, the Nalgene 0.1 micron PES filters are also available in 150 mL, 250 mL and 500 mL capacities. They can protect against a loss of culture viability due to contamination, particularly mycoplasma contamination, which can destroy valuable cell cultures. While sterile techniques and routine testing reduce contamination, 0.1 micron final filtration provides an enhanced level of protection. Thermo Scientific’s filters have low protein-binding PES membranes which reduce the potential for removing critical components from the media during filtration, and low extractable levels ensure that the solution remains unchanged.