The new Racor 2020V and 2040V replaces fuel filters with Aquabloc Synergy Media

The new Racor 2020V and 2040V replacement fuel filters with Aquabloc Synergy Media are available now.

Parker Racor Aquabloc Synergy media uses high-grade cellulose sheets layered with engineered fibers working together to trap contaminants and repel water. The new V series service filters are 100% backward compatible with previous 900 and 1000 Turbine series filter housings.

Parker Racor 10 micron Aquabloc Synergy media is the culmination of many years of development where layers of distinct media formulations are pleated as one for optimal fuel system protection and long life.


  • Extends engine life. The ultra-high dirt-holding capacity of Aquabloc Synergy extends the life of final stage on-engine filters, and reduces the overall cost of the filtration program.

  • Improves efficiency. Aquabloc Synergy is both corrugated and pleated to present an effective filtration surface area. This design innovation slows fuel velocity to improve coalescing and filtration efficiency.

  • Boosts operating economy. Ultra-high capacity filtration, reduces the number of filter changes, increasing uptime.