The Artemis Project: 2011 Top 50 winners

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The Artemis Project Top 50 competition identifies the most promising companies that are applying innovation to address today’s water challenges. The 2011 Artemis Project Top 50 list includes AbTech Industries, Aquaporin A/S, Aqua Pure Ventures, Aqwise, Epuramat SA, Hydration Technology Innovations, M2 Renewables Inc, NanoH2O Inc, Purifics ES Inc and Voltea.

Now in its third year, the Artemis Project Top 50 is open to all companies that have completed development of a water resources management product and that generate less than US$25 million in annual revenues.

“The Artemis Top 50 is the water industry’s benchmark for recognizing innovation that will matter. It identifies the entrepreneurs that are applying technology to meet the world’s water challenges,” said Laura Shenkar, principal at The Artemis Project. “Water tech is quickly becoming an engine for economic development and job growth. With these awards, we strive to identify the companies offering the most promising technologies coming onto the market.”

The Artemis Project Top 50 list includes 18 infrastructure solutions companies, 23 water and wastewater treatment companies and nine wastewater recovery solutions companies.

The 2011 Artemis Project Top 50: