Tetra filter passes pilot tests

The tests will help the manufacturer, Severn Trent Services, to design and apply the system to the customers needs. Results show the SAF filtration system has achieved ammonium removal rates of 20.2 lb of N/1000 cf-d at a temperature of 57.5 ºF (14.2 ºC). From these results, Severn Trent Services has established a base rate of 26 lb of N/1000 cf-d at a temperature of 68 ºF (20 ºC) for the Tetra SAF filtration system.

Tetra’s SAF filtration system is also effective in the removal of carbonaceous biological oxygen demand and total nitrogen without supplemental chemical addition at a 2:1 recycle ratio.

Joe Bonazza, Tetra business unit director of Severn Trent Services said: “In the Northeast [of America], seasonal temperature changes require a biological treatment system capable of working in colder winter months…The testing enabled us to confirm performance of the system in the US market’s unique conditions and further develop a predictive model to design and size the tetra SAF systems to specifically meet these conditions.”