Severn Trent selected for ammonia removal

The TETRA NSAF contract will support Thames Water’s capital programme for AMP 5, an asset management planning period from 2010 to 2015. The contract awarded to Severn Trent Services covers three years with optional extensions in two-year increments for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of wastewater treatment packaged plants.

TETRA NSAF works by an upflow, fixed-film biological process which is flexible and available in a range of sizes, from small modular units suitable for above or below ground construction to custom-made configurations for large plants. The technology can be combined with various solids removal processes or enable direct discharge of the effluent depending on individual site circumstances.

Severn Trent’s technology has been previously supplied to Thames Water Utilities Ltd. for wastewater treatment projects in Waddesdon, Culworth and Byfield in the United Kingdom. In addition, Severn Trent Services has provided additional filtration and disinfection technologies for other Thames Water facilities.

“Because of our experience with the TETRA NSAF process at other Thames Water sewage treatment works, we had confidence in the technology to meet the consent limits for our new packaged plants,” said Sajid Ahmad, contracts manager of Thames Water Utilities.