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Tenneco gasoline filters will meet new emissions regulation

The filters which will be available for 2017 model year light vehicles, are designed for gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to reduce particulate emissions in compliance with the Euro 6c emissions regulation, which takes effect on from September 1 that year.

“We understand the functional requirements for gasoline particulate filters based on our experience as one of the first global suppliers to offer diesel particulate filter technologies in serial production,” said Josep Fornos, executive vice president, Clean Air, Tenneco.

Gasoline particulate filters use the same type of wall-flow substrates as diesel particulate filters and can be included in the exhaust system in addition to the three-way catalyst or the catalyst coating can be directly applied to the filter substrate to form a four-way catalyst.

Improvements in the acoustic function of the gasoline particulate filter make it possible to reduce muffler volume, helping to reduce backpressure, increase performance, reduce weight and save cost.