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Techouse fast tracks sulphate removal unit for FPSO

Norway’s Techouse has delivered a new sulphate removal unit (SRU) that will be installed on board the Voyageur Spirit FPSO, which is destined for the Ivory Coast.

Sulfate removal is a technology used by the oil and gas industry to produce low sulfate water for injection in offshore wells.

After being awarded the contract in May 2023, Techouse engineered, constructed and delivered the SRU in less than 12 months.

“We won this SRU contract partly because we could deliver it as a fast-track project. I am proud of our entire team, and our suppliers, who demonstrated their ability to deliver within such a tight deadline,” says Svein Helge Pettersen, Techouse’s CEO. “We even delivered the SRU six weeks before the contracted delivery date, which is 10th May this year.”

Techouse used its international engineering network – including offices in Stavanger and Oslo in Norway, Glasgow in Scotland, and Qingdao, China – to handle engineering, project management and procurement.

Construction of the 200-tonnes SRU was conducted by Audex Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, as a subcontractor to Techouse. The SRU was then transported via barge from Fujairah to DryDocks World in Dubai, where the Voyageur Spirit FPSO is being upgraded for Baleine phase 2.

Techouse delivered the SRU as a subcontractor to FPSO owner and operator Altera Infrastructure Norway AS.

“Perhaps just as impressive as the fast-track delivery is that we handed over the SRU without punches, meaning that all work and components fully conformed to the specifications in the construction contract. Maintaining high quality standards is also possible for fast-track projects, and Altera Infrastructure and Eni deserve credit for their commitment to such ambitious project execution plans,” says Knut Haga, Techouse’s project director for the project.