System design tool from Porex Filtration

Porex Filtration created the Porex TMR-PRO System Design Tool to minimise the iterations normally needed to design such systems, and to simplify the overall design process. The TMF design tool has the capability of determining the chemistry for the removal of a variety of heavy metals in the Pretreatment Chemistry portion of the tool. The System Design portion of the tool will lead the user to develop a workable TMF system and the printed report will summarize the results as well as provide a printed copy of the TMF module specifications. The user may select either English or Metric units to be displayed in the programme. The programme includes features to save the data to a file for later recall and to provide a printed report and/or a report in Adobe PDF format.

The programme is available free of charge to OEM systems integrators worldwide, who use Porex Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) modules.