Sulzer announces scholarship for women in science and engineering

Sulzer has launched a scholarship program directed at female students studying for degrees in engineering, technology and science.

The “Sulzer Scholarship for Women in Science and Engineering” aims to support and increase the participation of women in the engineering industry. Sulzer’s overall aim is to increase the number of women working in technical professions in industry.

Reflecting its presence and its business needs, Sulzer is currently initiating these scholarships in collaboration with universities in South Africa, Indonesia, China and India. Four initial scholarships will be awarded in each country.

Student support is not only financial. Sulzer also offers discovery tours to visit the local facilities, learning and practice opportunities, access to Sulzer coaches and interaction with Sulzer executives, access to local industrial events and invitations to Sulzer social events.

Jill Lee, Sulzer chief financial officer and sponsor of the scholarship program, said: “This scholarship initiative is another way in which we can contribute to our wider social environment and support the journey towards broadening talent diversity in technical professions.”

Sulzer has a long history of providing internship, apprenticeship and university support programs for students in many countries.