Subsidiary of BASF enters long-term agreement with France's Aquasource

inge GmbH - the subsidiary of BASF SE and supplier of ultrafiltration (UF) membranes - and Aquasource, the supplier of membrane systems, have agreed to enter into a strategic cooperation from this month.

Each company will focus on their respective competences:  Aquasource will choose inge patented Multibore membranes for all types of water, where a UF in-to-out technology is suitable, and inge will concentrate on the development and production of UF membranes while Aquasource becomes a center of excellence for membrane systems.

Both partners target to combine technologies to provide customers with even better solutions. Aquasource provides engineering, processes and applications and selects the best membrane technology for the customers’ needs.

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Knowledge of membrane material is considered to be the key success factor for future innovations in polymer membranes. Since the acquisition by BASF, Greifenberg-based inge GmbH has access to the comprehensive know-how of the BASF polymer experts and expands as a growth field the range of products and solutions of BASF’s Water Solutions business worldwide. In the last two years BASF and inge have jointly defined several R&D projects in order to drive forward innovation in UF membranes. This shows BASF’s commitment to expand its membrane technology leadership and to become the leading supplier of chemistry-based solutions for the industrial and municipal water treatment. inge CEO Bruno Steis and Marc Messerli, CEO of Aquasource, jointly summarised the advantages in a joint statement: “This strategic cooperation will allow our clients to benefit from the competence of two leading European companies in developing innovative membrane technologies, with inge focusing on membrane optimisation and Aquasource on the provision of membrane systems for water treatment plants.” Aquasource, based in France, is a supplier of membrane systems and is part of the Technology division of the Degrémont Group (Suez Environment). Pioneers in ultrafiltration, Aquasource participates actively and all over the world in UF projects. The processes created by the own innovation program allow Aquasource to propose innovative, efficient and ecological ultrafiltration solutions for drinking, industrial or recycled waters. Production plants using Aquasource’s systems are implanted in over 25 countries, and in over 300 sites