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Sionix appoints new CEO and chairman

Dr Sullivan, who has been a director of Sionix since October 2012, has held senior positions with Huntsman Petrochemical Corp and Shell Oil Co. His experience includes the optimization of refineries and the allocation of hydrocarbons and their processing and movement. He holds both a Master’s degree and PhD in chemical engineering from New York University.

With Dr Sullivan’s appointment, Ken Calligar has stepped down as interim CEO of Sionix and James Alexander has resigned as interim chairman of the board. Both Calligar and Alexander will continue to serve on the Sionix board.

“We are very pleased to have Dr Henry Sullivan leading Sionix. It is fortunate that someone of Henry’s experience and capabilities is available to Sionix. In the past months we have collectively stabilized the company, revised its mission, strategies, and sales and services offerings. We have relocated the company to Houston to facilitate its focus on the oil and gas sector and we have eliminated wasteful policies and practices. This was a team effort. The next steps for Sionix are to establish a track record of its technologies and services. In order to do this, we have assembled an experienced and dedicated team, the appointments of whom we have previously announced. This leadership team, working with our technical staff, will pursue commercial opportunities in treating water produced in oil and gas fracking as well as agricultural, municipal and other water treating applications,” said Calligar.

“Our team is looking forward to extending the proprietary Sionix technology and to completing the final phase of pre-commercial testing in the Bakken shale in North Dakota. I have worked closely with Jim Alexander and Ken Calligar since I joined the board and I am pleased that they will continue to help lead the company as directors,” said Dr Sullivan.