Sigma-Aldrich business expands chromatography column line

The particles are designed to provide UHPLC performance, while addressing the disadvantages inherent in existing sub-2 micron UHPLC columns. Ascentis Express 2.0 UHPLC columns deliver 300,000 plates per meter efficiency and are less susceptible to column plugging due to the large 1.0 μm frits on the column inlet.

While the columns can be used up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi), they will produce approximately 20% lower back pressure than most commercially available sub-2 μm UHPLC columns under the same conditions, reducing column frictional heating and instrument wear and tear associated with very small particles.

With this launch, the Ascentis Express product line has expanded to 2.0, 2.7 and 5 micron particle U/HPLC columns. The Ascentis Express product line is scalable from UHPLC to legacy HPLC systems.