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App for easy browsing of Merck Millipore chromatography products

Merck Millipore’s free ChromBook for tablets and browers allows users to quickly find and identify products and tailored solutions for their chromatography applications.  Built on an intuitive user interface, the app can be used to find Merck Millipore products and accessories for a wide range of applications including HPLC, UHPLC, thin layer chromatography, sample preparation and gas chromatography. 

A variety of filters enable easy browsing, including:

·         Particle size

·         Pore size

·         pH stability

·         Sorbent

·         Dimension

·         Specialty TLC products

·         Solvent grade

·         USP-class

A graphical user interface allows for the dynamic adjustment of dimensions in length and diameter of the column.  The app can be used without an internet connection and features a “wish list” for saving favorite products and accessories.  Additionally, users can find related solvents as well as product specifications and example applications.  Each product contains a direct link to the Merck Millipore site for additional information and purchasing options.

The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or the Android market, and is available in a browser version..