SICK releases four innovations at trade show

The FWE200DH dust measuring device, measures dust concentration in wet gases and very low dust concentration.

The EuroFID3010 is a heated flame ionization detector for monitoring the lower explosive limit (LEL) of volatile organic compounds in hot process air. It is currently the only FID gas detector on the market to be approved in accordance with European standard EN 50271:2010.

The MCS300P multi-component analyzer system is a compact analyzer system for use in all manner of process applications. Particular highlights are its adjustment filter wheel, which replaces having to use expensive test gases to check drift behavior, and the flexible use of process cells to pave the way for the introduction of small measuring ranges, the measurement of liquids, and the measurement of toxic and corrosive gases in particular.

The LFP Cubic and LFP Inox level sensors combine suitability for use in any installation conditions with compatibility with various liquids and measuring environments. What makes them unique is that they can be relied upon to take accurate measurements even in foaming and deposit-forming liquids.

Roland Noz, managing director at SICK-Vertriebs GmbH said: “The trade fair was a resounding success and we are leaving ACHEMA 2015 with nothing but positive feelings. Many visitors took the opportunity to engage in a face-to-face discussion and find out more about the very latest developments. They were of course particularly interested to talk to us about the subject of process measurement technology.”