SFcompact offers to boost productivity in fine filtration

The SFcompact offers easy handling of most materials.
The SFcompact offers easy handling of most materials.

According to its manufacturer, LNS Turbo, the SFcompact offers easy handling of most materials and chip types, self-cleaning filtration to 50 microns, the reduction of machine downtime and an overall boost in productivity.The fine filtration tool was presented by the LNS Group in the autumn of 2016 and claim that the floor space used by the SFcompact is 30% less compared to filter drum conveyors, and is easier to integrate as in most cases no special tank is required. A patented, automatic dual cleaning system helps ensure repeatable and reliable filtration.

Customer satisfaction

Moser-Ingold AG, based in Thörigen, Switzerland, specializes in the machining of ready-to-install parts and processes a wide range of materials, including different types of steel, aluminium, and non-ferrous metals.Manager Rolf Ochsenbein says: “The SFcompact has no problems with long stringy chips or the finest brass chips. After testing this chip conveyor for 1.5 years, I have to say it is a good product for all materials that we process. For our production processes, especially with high-pressure-coolant, it is essential that the chip conveyor can handle different materials without disruptionsand that it offers pre-filtration.”

The fact that the SFcompact has no drum filter is positive, too. “When processing certain materials, the cleaning of drum filters was quite complex and time-consuming. The SFcompact has eliminated such downtimes”, explains Mr. Ochsenbein.