LNS air filtration systems improve workspace environment

The FOX WS 2 air filtration range promises efficient filtration, ease of maintenance and low energy consumption.
The FOX WS 2 air filtration range promises efficient filtration, ease of maintenance and low energy consumption.

LNS Group reports that its FOX WS 2 air filtration product range offers efficient filtration, improved workspace environment, ease of maintenance and low energy consumption.

“We operate sixteen FOX WS 2 air filtration systems," says Emmanuel Raffner, CEO of Lauener SA, a Swiss company specialising in precision machining for the watch and medical industries. "One of the advantages compared to traditional filters is the size of the FOX WS 2. It is much more compact, the footprint is halved.”

Lauener employs 115 people, operates a facility of 150 machines and produces more than 50 million parts per year in both sectors. When it comes to air filtration, Lauener has three main objectives: guaranteeing a clean working environment for its employees, assuring optimal operation of the machines and ensuring reasonable maintenance costs.

“A clean working environment can be more efficient and reduce the maintenance costs of our equipment – including the building,”  Raffner explains. “Effective filtration also contributes to the products’ quality. The customisation of the FOX WS 2 is very easy, and the quality of the air is considerably improved – especially compared to the electrostatic filters.”

The filters were installed more than 18 months ago and still run at the same level of efficiency.

“Where we needed two to three filters before, now we need only one," states L. Lidos, Director of Chatal Herbignac. "Therefore, the maintenance costs are lower.”

Chatal specialises in processing all type of materials, from steel, Inconel, titanium up to different kinds of aluminium. LNS experts took air samples before and after the filter installation which showed a clear improvement.

“The LNS FOX WS 2 system is powerful enough to rapidly absorb the fog and optimize the air quality,” notes Lidos.

The twenty-six FOX WS 2 oil mist collectors operate both on machines using soluble and neat cutting oils.

“After a few months of production, we can state that the FOX WS 2 reaches the same efficiency on both coolant types – it is well appreciated by operators,” he adds.