SeaQuarium choose Liquivac® liquid ring pump

The liquid ring vacuum pump, Liquivac® contains a twin start helical rotor mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical pump casing and is designed to pump liquids or combinations of liquid, air and fine solids through long suction lines, generating suction lifts up to 8.5 m.

Paul Tyson from the SeaQuarium, Rhyl, said environmental credentials and cost effectiveness contributed to their choice.  He said: “Liquivac® offers the SeaQuarium real benefits. Liquivac® has the ability to maintain water extraction, even at low tide with high flow rates and can handle long suction lines – up to 500 m from the sea, which enabled placement in a secure and convenient location.”

Tomlinson Hall & Co Sales Director Colin Simpson said Liquivac® liquid ring vacuum pump was a great choice for SeaQuarium because the extraction system uses the natural filtering properties of sand, which eliminates blockages and prevents oil pollution.