RWL Water provides mobile water treatment systems for US nuclear power plants

PEICo, which has been providing a shared inventory service to meet the emergency and non-emergency needs of the nuclear industry for more than 30 years, manages two regional response centres near Phoenix, Arizona and Memphis, Tennessee. These centres are capable of delivering emergency and non-emergency response equipment to an affected facility within 24 hours of an extreme event.

The multimillion dollar order was secured following a collaborative effort from RWL Water teams in the USA and Israel.

The systems are evenly split between 500 GPM mechanical filtration systems and 250 GPM Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) treatment systems.

The skid mounted mobile water treatment systems were custom-engineered around the M1N aircraft container dimensions and weight limits. This allows the systems to be easily transported by both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, as well as by truck if necessary.

Depending on the emergency needs, the mobile water treatment systems can be utilized as standalone units or easily connected to create integrated treatment systems.

“We are proud to have the capabilities within our organization to carry out the unique requirements of this project for our client,” said Peter Gross, CEO of RWL Water, USA Operations.