Residential water filtration elements remove contaminants and impurities

Dow Water & Process Solutions says that the FILMTEC RO membranes are its latest innovation to facilitate potable water that tastes better, smells better and has fewer impurities to help bring clean drinking water to homes in water stressed areas.According to the company, the new DOW FILMTEC elements help remove contaminants that can lead to health risks, and reduce impurities such as calcium, magnesium and iron. The DOW FILMTEC BW-60-1812-75 and TW30-1812-100HR home drinking water elements offer a stabilised salt rejection rate of 99% at 75 GPD and 98% at 100 gallons per day, in standard sizes (1812 configuration). The new 75 GPD membrane uses new Dow membrane chemistries which have been customised to maximise element performance. The 75 and 100 GPD elements offer a balance of flow and high rejection, producing more water with 20% higher flow rates at standard test conditions.“DOW FILMTEC residential elements are reliable, consistent and high quality,” said Chrys Fernandes, strategic marketing manager- residential and commercial at DW&PS. “Dow is committed to helping OEMs and brand owners meet the rising consumer demand for better in-home water treatment systems, and facilitate cleaner, safer, better tasting water to homes in water-stressed areas.” DOW FILMTEC residential elements feature longer lifetimes that can potentially reduce operating costs for OEMs and brand owners, as well as National Safety Foundation (NSF) safety certification and the ability for NSF data transfer to help reduce certification costs. Fully automated manufacturing facilitates consistent, high-quality elements, while dry shipping offers convenient handling and longer shelf-life.