Quest Water announces new business development strategy

“Our new “Build, Own, Operate” business model allows us to collaborate and create new business partnerships with local investors and partners to establish self-serve water vending businesses, and micro-scale and full-scale water bottling facilities,” said Quest Water CEO and president John Balanko. “In addition, we can offer bulk water production for sale to residential communities, agriculture businesses, and manufacturing enterprises.”

The company’s water solutions have been re-engineered to streamline the water purification process, reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs, while at the same time increasing production. Over the past year, the freshwater AQUAtap system has been engineered to produce four times as much water than its original design. This freshwater system now has the capacity to produce 80 000 litres per day from a polluted fresh water source utilizing a more robust ultrafiltration membrane, pre-filters, and ultraviolet sterilization. The new brackish and salt water systems have also been re-designed to provide a minimum of twice the production over the previous reverse osmosis systems.

“Water shortages, poor sanitation, and a lack of access to clean water sources continue to be a major global concern,” said Peter Miele, Quest Water Global co-founder and executive vice president. “We believe by providing an alternative, sustainable source of pure water at a low cost and with the smallest environmental impact in decentralized, turnkey solutions is part of the answer to this growing global crisis.”