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ProSep tests mixing technology in Saudi Arabia

These tests will show improvements in the process and chemical consumption of the technology, which is used for oil treatment and separation. The tests will involve ProSep’s C100 Injection Mixers that will replace existing chemical injection spools at two test locations and concurrently inject demulsifier, scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor chemicals. Performance data will be collected during a period of a maximum of twelve months starting in the second quarter of 2012.

The C100 Injection Mixers create a homogenous droplet distribution and optimal droplet size, maximising surface contact between the injected chemicals and the oil or gas flow. The technology allows users to reduce chemical consumption in the treatment process and improve downstream separation while reducing operating expenses.

"This project will accelerate commercialisation of our promising proprietary technologies in the region, said Jacques L. Drouin, president and chief executive officer. “We are confident that results from this new field trial will demonstrate significant chemical savings and increased production efficiency."