Sonitec ships microfiltration system to Saudi Arabia

The Sadara complex is a joint venture between two world giants: Dow Chemical and Aramco. Currently under construction in Jubail Industrial City, KSA, it will produce more than three million metric tons of added value chemicals and plastics. Sonitec-Vortisand Inc. designs and manufactures a microfiltration system for industrial water polishing. The company says that the Vortisand filter system is an automatic backwashable centrifugal sand filter, which combines centrifugal separation and micro-sand filtration. Vortisand achieves very fine filtration (0.45 micrometer) at a high rate while using 80-90% less water for backwash compared to traditional sand filters. The Vortisand® is widely used for cooling towers, district cooling chilled water, pre RO/DI, water reuse and other specialised polishing water applications. "We are proud of the recognition given to us by major international giants Aramco & Dow Chemical where the Vortisand filters are already in operation, and we are very pleased to have been selected to contribute to this unique petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia", said Marco Bosisio, Sonitec-Vortisand inc.’s General Manager.