Porvair Filtration Group develops validation guide for Flurorfil membrane cartridges

The test data confirmed that standard production Fluorofil filter cartridges will retain very high challenge levels of the industry standard test organism Brevundimonas diminuta. Further information is provided to show all components used in the Fluorofil filter cartridge are non-toxic and biologically inert to comply with USP Class VI - 121OC and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21. Fluorofil filter cartridges, from Porvair, are also demonstrated to retain integrity after repeated steaming in place cycles (SIP). Data is provided to demonstrate the high performance liquid flow and air flow characteristics of Fluorofil membrane cartridges.

Fluorofil cartridges are constructed in an ISO Class 5 clean room under tightly controlled conditions using advanced, highly specialised machinery. Each module of every Fluorofil PTFE membrane cartridge is 100% integrity tested during manufacture by the forward flow diffusion method.

Applications for the Fluorofil membrane cartridge from Porvair include the pharmaceutical industry and other critical applications.