Polymem teams up with Clean Membranes for water treatment

Polymem has been manufacturing hollow fibre membranes, modules and systems since 1997. The company’s polymeric ultrafiltration membranes are manufactured using PSF and PVDF, including an advanced generation of PVDF with long-lasting hydrophilicity. The membrane products are used in a range of applications from residential to large water treatment plants and include standard and custom modules, as well as cost- and space-saving Gigamem modules.

Clean Membranes is commercialising a new, highly fouling-resistant polymer for water filtration membranes that was developed at MIT. Clean Membranes’ proprietary polymeric membrane technology offers unprecedented fouling resistance and is particularly appropriate for treating water with oil.

“The partnership with Clean Membranes gives us both access to the North American market and a development partner for new, market-driven products,” said Jean-Michel Espenan, president and CEO of Polymem.

“We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Clean Membranes president and CEO Jean-Marc Pandraud. “There are very complementary geographic, technology and large-scale manufacturing dimensions to our relationship with Polymem. We’re going to focus on the North American market, add their latest generation of UF membranes to our water treatment product offering, and support their existing North American installed base of water treatment systems. The partnership is going to help us serve our customers better and open up new opportunities for us.”