Piedmont adds disc and screen filters to portfolio

H2O Innovation has announced that its independent subsidiary, Piedmont, has launched a new product line of disc and screen self-cleaning filters.

Piedmont specialises in corrosion resistant equipment for desalination plants in the industrial and municipal markets and the new product line complements its existing product offering. The FRP cartridge filter housings are used in the pre-treatment of a reverse osmosis plant. Now, with the addition of disc and screen filters, Piedmont can supply the self-cleaning filters used for pre-treatment upstream of the ultrafiltration membranes, both for UF and UF + reverse osmosis membrane systems.

The disc and screen self-cleaning filters are used mainly to remove suspended solids in the water, to prevent damaging equipment downstream, such as pumps and membranes, and to reduce frequency of membrane cleanings.

The use of disc and screen self-cleaning filters in water treatment plants provides a consistent filtration level to a specific micron rating that is typically higher than those provided by cartridge filters in RO systems. Most common applications are the pre-treatment of UF systems and agriculture to treat water for irrigation purposes.