Phoenix Type P in-line automatic backwashing water filter

The Phoenix Type P filter is supplied with a PLC-based programmable control system, mounted within a watertight metal enclosure, as standard. The mains electrical supply voltage for the control system can be specified for DC or single-phase AC voltages and the actuators operate from a standard 6 bar factory air supply. 

An adjustable pressure differential switch is used to programme the automatic backwashing to achieve the minimum consumption of backwash water. Backwashing is performed without interruption to the filtration activity, eliminating any requirement for redundant bypass filter equipment and the filter has a maximum flow rating of up to 18 litres/second at pressures up to 10 bar. 

The six stainless steel “zero-gravity” coils in the Phoenix Type P filter have seven ratings between 20 and 400 microns and the coil is designed to open slightly and evenly along its total length during backwashing, ensuring that the build-up of particles is completely washed away. The specially designed housing for the coil creates a cyclonic flow path for the water passing through, helping to keep suspended solids away from the surface of the coils and therefore extending the length of time before backwashing is triggered. 

The Phoenix Type P filter from Cross Manufacturing is designed for industrial applications where the environment is hazardous, wet and hot.