Pentair X-Flow UF membranes remove silica at Indian power plants

The HFS 60 Silica is the first hollow fibre membrane module in a new line of Pentair X-Flow low molecular weight cut off UF membranes.

Boiler feed water at the Jaypee Nigrie Super Thermal Power Project in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, and at the JK Paper plant in Rayagada, Chhattisgarh is treated by a demineralisation step before it is purified by the Pentair X-Flow HFS 60 membranes. The high-pressure boilers are protected from scale deposits, which maximise performance and prevent turbine failure.

The HFS 60 membranes are backwashable, offer low energy consumption, provide high recovery of demineralised water, and can be operated at higher pressures.

Pentair X-Flow says that the silica removal rate is 10 times better than standard ultrafiltration, no coagulant is needed and the membranes can be used early on in the process as pre-treatment instead of polishing.