Pentair announces the launch of its sustainable water filtration system

Pentair announces the launch of the Pentair Rocean Reservoir, an innovative, design-forward, sustainably-minded water filtration system that provides consumers with cleaner tap water at the touch of a button. Powered by InstaClean Technology and certified to reduce or remove 76 contaminants, Pentair Rocean aims to provide a sustainable alternative to bottled water while also giving your countertop a cleaner, sleeker look.

Pentair Rocean developed The Reservoir with both the everyday consumer and the planet in mind. It addresses the worldwide issue of the transportation and consumption of single-use plastic water bottles while also providing consumers with cleaner water at home, improving the quality of life. Over the past 10 years, 4 trillion plastic bottles have been consumed and disposed of, with over 1 billion plastic water bottles being sold of every day.

The filters for The Reservoir are constructed from coconut-shell based activated carbon, a plant-based resource that is compressed to create an ultra-fine, bio-based filter. Additionally, the pump compartment is made using 40% recycled PET plastic housing.

“At Pentair, we innovate with sustainability in mind to make life’s essential resources better to help people, and our planet, thrive,” said Mario D’Ovidio, Executive Vice President and President, Pentair Consumer Solutions. “We are excited to introduce The Reservoir, which is designed to offer a premium experience delivering cleaner water while addressing the unnecessary consumption of single-use plastic water bottles.”

To operate, fill The Reservoir with tap water. A push of a button pumps the tap water through the compressed carbon block filter. The activated carbon micropores capture contaminants through a process called adsorption that results in cleaner tap water in your glass that is filtered on demand. The Reservoir reduces or removes 76 contaminants, including heavy metals, VOCs, pesticides and microbial cysts. The carbon-block filter filters up to 390 gallons of water, reducing the need for 2,953 plastic water bottles. The on-demand filtration technology means no waiting on gravity filters for cleaner, great-tasting water, or getting stuck with a pitcher full of stagnant filtered water. Great for everyday drinking water use, The Reservoir truly elevates the way water is used in everyday life offering cleaner water for use in baby bottles, cooking, morning coffee and tea, and so much more.