Peak Energy Services enters into three wastewater treatment contracts totalling $5.2 million

In the first contract, Sanitherm will provide an international oil and natural gas producer on the north slope of Alaska with a complete water and wastewater treatment system to support the drilling camps. The system will include a Sanitherm/Hydropro RO for potable water treatment and a Sanitherm/Pennram incinerator for sludge and garbage disposal. The expected delivery date is 30 September 2010.

Foe the second contract, the exploration camp of a gold mining company in Nunavut, Canada will be provided with a SaniBrane MBR for wastewater treatment and a Sanitherm NanoFiltration system for potable water treatment. The expected delivery date is 31 July 2010.

In addition, Peak Energy Services has almost completed the installation of a wastewater treatment system on a US Army base facility in New York. The system includes a Sanitherm SaniBrane MBR using ceramic membrane technology with a daily processing capability of 3,500 US gallons per day, and is expected to be fully installed in late May 2010.

Curtis W Whitteron, Peak Energy Services president and chief executive officer said: “Peak is very pleased with recent developments at Sanitherm as they represent a significant step towards further diversifying our product offerings by providing innovative solutions to a wide spectrum of customers in the growing area of wastewater management and water conservation.”