H2O Innovation secures 3 wastewater treatment contracts for flexMBR technology

The first contract consists of a wastewater treatment system using a customized containerized membrane bioreactor, designed on the flexMBR platform, and sludge dewatering solutions for a waste management company in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The system will treat up to 0.2 MGD (750 m3/day) of several workers camps’ wastewater which will be transported to the new system for advanced treatment.

The second project in Alberta will also incorporate the flexMBR design and will include ceramic flat sheet membranes.

For the project in Quebec, H2O Innovation will design and construct the system, and undertake operation and maintenance for five years.

“We are excited about the instantaneous uptake by our customers of our flexible approach to MBRs as well as leveraging the services of our new operation and maintenance team. We look forward to the continued development of a longstanding and trusting relationship we can all grow from over the coming years,” said Ryan Waldie, Director System Sales – Canada of H2O Innovation.