Parkson builds water research establishment

The new Parkson facility provides for the piloting of water and wastewater technologies and includes an on-site laboratory, which is designed to speed the evaluation of process-effectiveness testing. Parkson adds that the on-site laboratory also supports product design and development activities, as well as management of necessary maintenance for installed pilot units.

According to the company, the primary objective of the new Parkson WRF is to facilitate water related research and to accelerate the development of new water and wastewater technologies. In addition, the facility will investigate and enhance value-engineering improvements to existing Parkson products on an on-going basis.

“The Parkson Water Research Facility will play an important role in the value-engineering and training goals of the Parkson Corporation and directly benefit Parkson customers well into the future,” explained Robert Jeyaseelan, director of Global Innovation & Technology for Parkson Corporation.

Several pilots of Parkson products are installed at the facility and provide a hands-on training platform for both internal and external clients. Parkson adds that the facility is particularly useful as a small-scale operational training facility for new users with specific product training needs.