Parker Hannifin Gas Turbine Filtration joins ETN Global

Parker Hannifin is now a member of the ETN Global organisation, a non-profit body dedicated to supporting the clean energy transition through technology development, networking and knowledge sharing.

A gas turbine electrical power plant.
A gas turbine electrical power plant. - Image © By Ha-nu-man - Adobe Stock.

With more than 120 members from over 20 countries, ETN Global brings together the turbo-machinery value chain. The organisation encourages and facilitates research and development, information exchange and cooperation between gas turbine manufacturers, operating companies, engineers, academics, and market leaders.

ETN Working Groups include those dedicated to air filtration, exhaust systems, corrosion, and emerging areas of interest, including decentralised energy systems, additive manufacturing, hydrogen, and supercritical CO2.

There is also a gas turbine user community that aims to deliver a single and independent voice that can articulate user issues and trigger an appropriate response from OEMs, ISPs, and the R&D community. The independent user groups focus on frequently used gas turbines within both the power generation and oil and gas sectors. The ETN also produces policy briefings, tailor-made educational courses for the gas turbine user community, and position papers on key issues.

“With a focus on the development of new, clean combustion technology, ETN Global is supporting the development of low-carbon energy production from flexible and reliable gas turbines,” said Gerald Woodward, Global Marketing Manager, Parker Gas Turbine Filtration. “Despite the boom in renewable energy, conventional gas-fired power generation will continue to play a strategic role in the future energy system. That’s why knowledge sharing is so important for tomorrow’s clean energy world. We’re thrilled to join the ETN association and look forward to supporting ETN and its members in furthering the role of gas turbines through the clean energy transition.”

Christer Björkqvist, managing director of ETN Global, said: “As a leading player in the gas turbine industry, Parker Hannifin has a major role in technology deployment, but also the vital research and development capabilities that can advance the global energy business. We look forward to sharing their varied and valuable contributions both within our working group research areas and more broadly across our organisation and between our members.”