Pall Corporation introduce 96-well filter plate for neonatal screening and multiplexing

Pall's AcroPrep Advance filter plates feature redesigned membrane sealing technology which maximizes sample recovery and ensures even filtration rates well to well. The optimized outlet tip design minimizes weeping during incubations as well as the formation of post-filtration hanging drops. The biologically inert housing of the AcroPrep Advance filter plates facilitates low non-specific binding of target analytes, maximizing sample recovery. Pall’s AcroPrep Advance filter plates meet SBS/ANSI guidelines for manual, semi-automated and automated processing.

Emily Berlin, senior marketing manager at Pall Life Sciences said: “The AcroPrep Advance filter plates have been developed to address the needs of key diagnostic assays. These plates have been optimized to ensure superior performance where consistency and reproducibility are critical. Our new plate line offers advanced performance from well-to-well, plate-to-plate and lot-to-lot.”