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OriginOil applications reach commercial stage

The Oil and Gas water cleansing division is performing in field demonstrations and sales have begun of both small and large systems. The Algae division is ramping up its Smart Algae Harvester product line and is achieving steady sales and the Waste division is successfully completing initial tests.

“We received our first seven-figure purchase order last December to clean up water in the Arabian Peninsula, and our Bakersfield research site is showing promising results at the demonstration scale,” said Bill Charneski, president of the Oil and Gas division.

“We are now receiving a steady stream of prospective customers at the site, and the demonstrations are extremely popular.”

“The new algae line is proving popular. In the past three months, we have delivered machines to the Czech Republic and the U.S. and we are now manufacturing for shipping to Hong Kong, Europe and Canada,” added Jean-Louis Kindler, chief commercial officer.

OriginOil has developed Electro Water Separation, a high-speed, primarily chemical-free process to clean up large quantities of water.