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Oil analysis system aids production and cuts costs

The CSM 02 also analyzes other oil parameters such as water saturation, temperature, viscosity and relative dielectric constant in stationary or mobile applications. It is ideally suited to analyzing foamed oils in large gearboxes and flushing test stands.

“The importance of early detection of changes in fluid cleanliness results in more reliable production, lower purchasing cost for new oil and reduced environmental impact from used oil disposal,” said Mary Jo Surges, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s Filtration Division.

The system can be upgraded with Eaton’s WSPS 05 and/or IVS 01 sensors for additional monitoring and preventative maintenance capabilities.

The WSPS 05 sensor determines the saturation level of water in oil and the IVS 01 sensor detects changes of viscosity, temperature and relative dielectricity before system failures can occur.