OceanWell to pilot blue water farm with LVMWD

OceanWell and water utility Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) are partnering to pilot California’s first blue water farm.

An Oceanwell blue water farm.
An Oceanwell blue water farm.

Blue water is fresh water harvested from the deep ocean.

The pilot project will test OceanWell's proprietary water purification technology to produce safe, clean drinking water without the environmental impacts of traditional coastal desalination methods.

The public/private partnership aims to establish the blue water farm by using OceanWell's state-of-the-art submerged filtration technology that revolutionizes the process of supplying fresh drinking water from the ocean. Blue water farms use water pressure at depths of over 1,000 feet to drive the reverse osmosis process, while safeguarding marine life and protecting delicate aquatic ecosystems. The system is reliable, low energy, scalable and minimizes the need for on-shore facilities and the associated environmental impacts.

"We are excited to embark on this cutting-edge initiative with OceanWell," said David Pedersen, LVMWD general manager. "Providing clean, healthy, and consistent water to our customers is the most important function of our water utility. Researching new technology can help us to ensure a more sustainable and reliable water future."

"This MOU and the collaboration with LVMWD is a major milestone in our 'environment first' strategy, aiming to bring OceanWell water farms to California municipal water systems,” said Robert Bergstrom, OceanWell's founder and CEO. "After seven years of research and technological development, we are proud to present OceanWell as a sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly source of fresh water."

OceanWell's technology can be used in fresh, brackish, or saltwater environments, allowing any raw water source to become a potential source for drinking water. The pilot project will start testing the state-of-the-art technology in the District's Las Virgenes Reservoir in the City of Westlake Village.