Oasys Water’s forward osmosis technology to treat Chinese power plant’s wastewater

This is Oasys Water’s first international commercial application. The project also marks China’s first commercial application of forward osmosis based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), a desalination method that Oasys Water has pioneered.

The planned wastewater treatment system will desalinate up to 650 m3/day of the FGD wastewater for reuse.

“Being selected as part of the Changxing Power Plant ZLD project being developed with Beijing Woteer is an important milestone for Oasys Water. The win marks the first of many potential ZLD projects for our company, it highlights Oasys’s growth and momentum in the Asia-Pacific region and it also underscores the successful commercialization of forward osmosis technology,” said Jim Matheson, president and CEO of Oasys Water.

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