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Oasys Water launches ClearFlo Complete for ZLD wastewater treatment

Oasys Water says that the ClearFlo Complete extends its range of processes designed to treat wastewater across a range of geographies and industrial applications. Oasys Water claims that ClearFlo Complete can simplify the ZLD effort by significantly increasing the amount of water that can be recovered by membrane processes, which minimizes the use of costly thermal technologies. While standard ZLD systems typically only recover some of the water by using conventional membrane processes, ClearFlo Complete incorporates its ClearFlo Membrane Brine Concentrator™ technology to recover more than 90% of fresh water in a simple and reliable membrane process. This leaves a greatly reduced water volume to be recovered by the more costly and energy-intensive crystallization process.

Oasys’ ClearFlo Complete can process between 300-10,000 m3/day. ClearFlo Complete is designed for wastewater applications in coal power flue gas desulphurization, cooling tower blowdown, oil and gas, mining, textile processing, and saline chemical process wastewater recovery and reuse.