November’s top filtration news stories

Featuring Amazon Filters, BHP, Rio Tinto and IDE Technologies.

Image copyright © Лена Полякевич - Adobe Stock.

Amazon Filters’ £1 million capital investment programme, the BHP and Rio Tinto collaboration on mine tailings technology, and IDE Technologies’ winning bid for Israel’s latest desalination plant were the most-read news stories on the Filtration+Separation website in November 2022.


1. Amazon Filters unveils £1mn investment programme


The UK’s Amazon Filters has launched a £1 million capital investment programme to strengthen its production capacity and reach into global markets.


2. BHP and Rio Tinto to collaborate on mine tailings technology

Mining companies BHP and Rio Tinto have formed a partnership agreement to accelerate the development of technology that could significantly increase water recovery from mine tailings.



3. IDE Technologies wins tender for new desalination plant in Israel

IDE Technologies has been awarded the bid to finance, design and construct Israel’s seventh desalination plant in the Western Galilee region.