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November’s top Filtration+Separation stories

The planned closure of Mann+Hummel’s manufacturing plant in Wolverhampton, UK, how Carlsberg is protecting water in India and an investment in membrane startup ZwitterCo were the most popular news stories on the Filtration+Separation website in November 2020.

1. Mann+Hummel planning to close UK manufacturing plant

Mann+Hummel Group is proposing to close its main manufacturing facility at Hilton Cross Business Park in Wolverhampton, UK.

2. Carlsberg protects shared water resources in India

The sustainable desalination project is due to complete in mid-2021.

3. Mann+Hummel invests in membrane startup ZwitterCo

Mann+Hummel has made an investment in ZwitterCo, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based early stage company focused on membrane solutions for organic-heavy waste streams.