Novasep and instrAction move into taxane purification

Novasep and instrAction originally announced a strategic alliance covering non-chiral chromatography in July 2010. This collaboration will enable Novasep to develop and operate, or supply large-scale chromatography processes for the purification of taxane-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. Novasep customers will now be able to access a one-step purification solution for their taxane-based APIs.

instrAction has synthesised a family of API-selective stationary phases which have shown a strong potential for the purification of various taxanes. Using this technology will allow Novasep to develop a multi-step synthesis or semi-synthesis, and optimise purification steps using instrAction's set of taxane-selective chromatographic stationary phases. Novasep can then scale up the optimised process and produce the API for clinical and commercial purposes.

Alternatively, Novasep can supply the developed process to its customers, integrating the company’s Prochrom high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns and systems and instrAction’s selective stationary phases. For mature or generic APIs, Novasep and instrAction can additionally file and licence application patents to extend the protection of their customers’ products.

“Thanks to instrAction’s highly selective chromatographic stationary phases and Novasep’s 20 years experience in taxane synthesis and purification, we are looking to see a paradigm shift in solutions for our customers worldwide as a result of this collaboration,” said René De Vaumas, executive vice president in charge of Novasep Synthesis’ business development.