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New technology for medium pressure filtration

Manufactured using Donaldson's Synteq XP™ media, the company says that the FLK system satisfies a variety of performance requirements and is suitable for a variety of applications, including heavy-duty vehicle and mining operations. According to Donaldson, the new FLK assemblies provide higher pressure fatigue ratings than traditional filters. With its re-usable filter housing and replacement cartridge design, it offers several advantages for disposal of used filters. The FLK's industrial, raised hand-grips make it easy to remove the housing from the head without the need for special service tools. The versatile filter head accommodates multiple filter lengths, while the housing locks the filter cartridge in place, providing a clean filter service process and simplifying positioning during assembly. FLK is manufactured using two of Donaldson's filtration technologies – Synteq XP and RadialSeal™. Synteq XP is a resin-free bonded media that provides lower operating pressure drop, higher efficiency, superior cold-start filtration, extended filter life (up to 2-3 times that of traditional filter media) and versatile and smaller filter packaging configurations. Donaldson RadialSeal™ creates a clean, leak-tight seal – with no metal-to-metal contact – that protects the system from harmful ingressed contaminants, preventing cross contamination of oil. RadialSeal provides a robust connection with superior vibration resistance, making it an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. "As hydraulic fluid cleanliness requirements have tightened and more compact filtration systems are launched, we've seen increased demand for better hydraulic filter solutions that meet requirements for lower pressure drop, higher efficiency and longer service life," said Richard Lewis, general manager of the Liquid Filtration Product Business Unit, at Donaldson Company. "Our FLK medium pressure hydraulic filtration products with Synteq XP media represent a significant leap forward in hydraulic filtration, meeting all of these key expectations."