New launch by Xylem’s Wedeco

Xylem, the global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has launched a new, more energy efficient and virtually maintenance free generation of its Wedeco SMOevo and PDOevo ozone oxidation systems. These systems now use Effizon® evo 2G, a new, uniquely designed and robust electrode technology. The Effizon evo 2G electrode delivers up to 25 percent more energy efficient ozone production, operates at very high cooling water temperatures and is able to provide extraordinarily high ozone concentrations of up to 21 weight percent (wt %) for oxygen systems. The next generation Effizon evo 2G electrodes produce ozone from oxygen or air using a unique Wedeco double-discharge gap technology. Ozone is formed on both sides of the dielectric, which increases ozone production due to lower power density and more effective cooling. The electrodes are manufactured from inert materials making them highly resistant to corrosion and practically maintenance free. The electrodes typically do not require any regular replacement or cleaning. Moreover, the distinctive Wedeco electrode also features an increased surface area providing superior cooling properties that enhance ozone production efficiency. The Effizon evo 2G electrodes are also offered with a standard, ten-year warranty. These Wedeco systems have the highest tolerances to hydrocarbon impurities in the feed gas used to convert oxygen to ozone, providing customers with efficient ozone production and at the same time, a wide selection when choosing oxygen suppliers. In addition, SMOevo and PDOevo systems with Effizon evo 2G electrode technology operate efficiently, even at very high water cooling temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), and also at high ozone concentrations for oxygen and air feed gas. Both the SMOevo and PDOevo systems are suitable for the treatment of municipal water and wastewater as well as industrial water. Xylem’s Wedeco SMOevo ozone system series is ideal for customers who require small to medium ozone capacities while the PDOevo systems are capable of producing larger quantities of ozone. Both systems are available in either the ‘Greenline’ model offering maximum energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs, or the ‘Smartline’ configuration that supports low investment costs without compromising reliability and ease of operation. Ozone is a sustainable method for water and wastewater treatment in the municipal and industrial sector. Pollutants, odours and microorganisms are directly destroyed by oxidation without creating harmful chlorinated by-products. Ozone itself decomposes back to oxygen.