New AssetScan remote filter monitor

AssetScan is ATEK Access Technologies’ first comprehensive platform of hardware, software and data analytic services for the manufacturing industry. It lets OEMs connect their products to the cloud, allowing their static assets to ‘speak’ for improved efficiencies and profitability. Donaldson utilized AssetScan technology to jointly create a bulk fuel filtration monitoring solution – WaveLength™ – that allows users to remotely view the status of their filter systems, giving customers the opportunity to improve operational efficiencies and uptimes. AssetScan is an integrated, battery-powered sensor monitoring system. The all-in-one monitor also includes cellular connectivity to simplify installation. Via the web-based ATEK Intelligence Platform, the AssetScan system measures variables and transfers them to the cloud, making the data available from any internet connection. AssetScan monitoring is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Greenhouse temperature
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Motor vibration
  • Reservoir level
  • Storage bin humidity
  • Water pump flow