Filtration monitors help maximize equipment performance

Donaldson’s Filter Minder product family.
Donaldson’s Filter Minder product family.

Heavy equipment manufacturers, maintenance managers, fleet managers and owner operators now have greater access to the latest technology in filtration monitoring. Filter Minder products connect to air intake and fuel filtration systems, keeping tabs on filtration performance and life by communicating filter status visually, electronically and remotely.

Today’s vehicle monitoring systems help equipment fleets work more efficiently and meet increasingly tighter production schedules. Donaldson says the information provided by Filter Minder indicators allows maintenance managers to systematically plan filter changes and be aware of acute changes in restriction, helping their equipment operate more effectively and efficiently.

“Measuring and monitoring filter life in diesel powered equipment has always been important, and is becoming a higher priority as vehicles become increasingly connected with fleet management systems,” said Keith Bechtum, general manager of Donaldson’s Filter Minder business. “The information provided by Filter Minder products has significant benefits to both OEMs and end users, relaying ways to maximize equipment uptime, performance and productivity.”

Filter Minder technology continues to be available to existing OEM customers and established distributors, as well as through the Donaldson Engine Aftermarket catalog. This catalog is available electronically.