New all-Polymer water technology gives 'increased boiler reliability'

GE has introduced the Solus AP line of all-polymer dispersants for control of deposits in mid- to low-pressure boilers in a variety of industries.

In a statement, the company has said: 'Solus AP technology offers users increased boiler reliability and performance because it enables greater control of iron oxide deposition and enhanced rejection of iron and hardness contaminants versus standard water treatment polymers and all-organic solutions. It delivers this performance at comparable overall costs and ease of use.'

Solus AP products are based on GE’s patented boiler terpolymer (BTP) chemistry and are designed for use in boilers operating at pressures up to 900psig. Given the growing use of membrane-based reverse osmosis water pre-treatment systems, iron corrosion products are quickly becoming the dominant contaminant entering boilers.

Until recently, water hardness resulting from sodium zeolite-softened make-up water was the major issue. Solus AP technology provides outstanding control of iron and hardness-based deposits and significantly more effective transport of troublesome iron, magnesium and silica contaminants through the boiler. Solus AP technology helps maintain cleaner, scale-free heat transfer surfaces within boilers, especially under stressed conditions, which can result in high-contaminant loads from feedwater, such as upsets.

The BTP polymer helps maintain optimum levels of heat transfer and fuel-to-steam efficiency by preventing the formation of insulating deposits on boiler heat transfer and steam generating surfaces.The technology helps prevent boiler tube failures by reducing potential for overheating, under-deposit corrosion and flow restrictions. In addition, with older precipitating and polymer treatment technology, iron and hardness deposits can accumulate in the lower circuits of the boiler.

"Solus AP demonstrates GE’s commitment to continually provide enhanced value through investments in new and improved technology," said Ava Drayton-Elder, water services global product management leader—water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. “But not only do Solus AP products deliver in terms of performance, GE has designed them to be operator friendly and environmentally acceptable.”