NanoSun JV to treat China’s industrial wastewater

NanoSun, a Nanyang Technological University (NTU) spin-off, will deploy its advanced membrane technology to treat industrial wastewater in the Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, a 20 sq km industrial zone in Shandong.

The joint venture partners have taken orders to treat one million litres of wastewater from the textile industry to be delivered by August this year.

Within the next 3–4 years, the partnership is expected to treat about 100 million litres of wastewater. There are also plans to market the membrane products internationally in the near future.

NanoSun, a two-year-old start-up, was co-founded by NTU Associate Professor Darren Sun from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Wong Ann Chai, the managing director of NanoSun.

“What we will demonstrate at Qingdao will be an affordable but effective technology that can turn polluted and industrial wastewater into a source of clean water, without the generation of secondary waste which other systems have. We see great potential for our innovative made-in-NTU technology to succeed in China and beyond,” said Professor Sun.

Chen Yu, president of CCIEC said: “There is an increasing demand for the industry to treat wastewater better and faster. I believe that applying NanoSun’s technology at a large scale will increase the efficiency of water treatment and reduce the impact of environmental pollution. That is why we would like to cooperate with NanoSun to start this transformation.” 

“NanoSun technology cannot be developed without market inputs. Many communities are water-stressed, facing a shortage of clean drinking water or pollution in their water sources. This is where cost-effective yet efficient solutions can make a huge impact to people’s lives,” said Wong Ann Chai, who is also an adjunct professor with the Nanyang Business School.